In the article we read for today, Leonardo Flores lists “Twine games, Twitter bots, Instagram poetry, GIFS, and image macro memes” as exemplars of third-generation electronic literature (e-lit). In your groups, browse some of the Twitterbots below and find 1-2 you really like:

In your groups, think about these as examples of electronic literature. In what ways are they like the examples of first- and second-generation elit we read for class today? How are they distinct? How might your chosen bots help us characterize the current state of electronic literature?

Next, find an example of electronic literature from outside our class or assignments for today. You can think broadly here, but find something you would consider an example of electronic literature. Based on Flores’ definitions, would you characterize your choice as first, second, or third-generation? Keep in mind these are more formal categories for Florews, so date of creation should not be the primary or only reason you assign your chosen work to a given generation. Be prepared to discuss your twitterbots and your chosen example of elit with the class.